Considering Ownership?

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, contact prospective shareholder liaison Tim Belfanz at 612-205-7124.

Becoming a Member

How does membership work?

The Minnesota Airstream Park was founded more than than 45 years ago as a cooperative. To become a member of the Airstream Park, you must purchase a “share.” (The Airstream Park has 125 shares—or lots or sites—on the 80-acre property.) When you purchase a share, you become a shareholder of Land Yacht Caravaners Club, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Each owner’s share entitles them to the exclusive use of a specific site in the resort, along with the unlimited use of all shared resort amenities.

How do I purchase a share?

All shares are sold through private party. Contact the owner of the share that you are considering. Once you have negotiated the sale, the share you are purchasing will be transferred to you as the new owner through a formal share transfer process. Contact our share transfer coordinator Dave Rawn at for information about how share transfers work.

I don’t have an Airstream. Can I join the Park?

All Park members must show proof of ownership of an Airstream-brand RV  when purchasing their share. But if you don’t have an Airstream, don’t despair. Often times, members who are selling their shares are also selling their Airstreams as part of a package deal. If you’re new to Airstreaming, you’re welcome here—and will find lots of knowledgeable help!

How much are annual dues?

Annual dues are $2,125 in 2023.

What do dues cover?

Dues cover the Park’s amenities—including our nine-hole golf course, pool, and other features our members and guests enjoy all summer long. Dues also support  water, sewer, and central garbage, fall and spring clean-up (thanks to our gorgeous oak population), the Park’s infrastructure and buildings, and several seasonal employees.

What’s not included in dues?

Shareholder are responsible for their own electric, lawn-mowing, and other ancillary services. (A lawn-mowing service is available, if desired.)

The Park's Season

Is the Park open all year long?

The Park is open seasonally April through October, weather depending. Water generally becomes available around mid-April and is shut off mid-October.

Can I leave my trailer at the Park all year long?

You may leave your trailer at the Park during the April through October season, but all trailers must be removed by October 31, when the Park closes for the winter.

Where should I store my trailer in the off-season?

Covered and open-air storage is available in the nearby area, offered by private party. Inquire  with the Park’s office about options.

I don’t have a tow vehicle. Can someone tow my Airstream for me?

Yes. Towing services to nearby storage facilities are offered by private party. Inquire  with the Park’s office about options.