Park Activities


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Remember to mail it in before May 19, 2014 to reserve your spot at the rally!


Scheduled Park Activities

The Circle & Strip Chairs are your best resources for what’s happening in the park, so check with them, or ask Mac or Beth at the Gatehouse.

Circle A:  Al & DeDe Edwins (A-8)
Circle B:  Susie Jedlund (B-29)
Circle C:  Susan Sandberg (C-58)
Circle D:  Robert Quene (D-72) & Carolyn Grandstrand (C-64)
Strip E (E85-E117): Sandi Parker (E-117)
Strips E & F (E118-F110): Marge Gustafson (E-118)


Saturday Morning Coffee

8:00 a.m. – Coffee & Treats in the Clubhouse

Bring your own coffee cup and catch up with friends old and new. We also make regular park announcements during this time, so stop by if you’re here. Wear a park name tag if you have one.

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